About us

Hi guys! We’re the Tzrfermonia boys, 3 brothers from the Netherlands, and welcome to our Sports and Fitness blog.

We’re all in our twenties, though some of us nearer to our thirties right now, and love all different types of Sports.  We all currently live in Amsterdam and spend every weekend possible out of the city keeping busy.


Ryker is the oldest of the 3 boys.  If you don’t find him in the water you will find him on the water.  He loves swimming, boating and  fishing as well as water skiing.


The middle only in age. Thomas is the smallest but the fastest of the bunch.  With a passion for all extreme sports, Thomas leads the way for the adrenaline rush.  He loves all and any sports but will regularly be found diving of off cliffs.


Also known as the baby of the family, though not many dare to say that to his face, Isaac loves all contact sports.  Currently playing football, hockey and rugby at his University, Isaac is a sporting machine.
We hope you enjoy our blog, and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see.