B.A.S.E Jumping

Hi there everyone. Welcome back to our Sports and Fitness blog. It’s Thomas here today with the third post on our blog and I wanted to share with you one of my favourite extreme sports.

As I mentioned in our About me post, I’m the middle brother with the need for speed and adrenaline. I’m a big fan of most extreme sports, pretty much the more extreme the better.

BASE Jumping

Recently I’ve been thinking about trying out BASE Jumping. The BASE in BASE jumping stands for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth and is the four different objects that BASE jumpers leap from.
BASE jumping is known as the most extreme of extreme sports, partially due to the speed at which a BASE jumper needs to act and pull the parachute cord. Another worry can be that the equipment used in BASE jumping isn’t as heavily tested. BASE jumping, as of 2006, has a fatality rate of around 1 in 60 participants, although this has been disputed as a study of 20,850 BASE jumps found that only 1 in 2317 jumps resulted in a fatality, with 1 in 254 resulting in an injury.

This year I’m hoping to head out to West Virginia, New River gorge for Bridge Day. Bridge day is held on the 21st of October annually and is a heavily sponsored event drawing in crowds of over 80,000 people.

The New River Gorge Bridge opened in 1977, and come 1979, only 2 years later, saw its first BASE jumpers. Gradually more and more people came to BASE jump or watch others until it became a tradition. Last year over 800 people jumped on Bridge Day, and this year I’ll be one of those.

Have you ever BASE jumped? Or been to New River Gorge to watch the BASE jumpers?
Bridge Day