How to be the ultimate bandwagon fan

Hey everybody, we are the Tzrfermonia boys and welcome back to this, our sports and fitness blog. The Stanley Cup playoffs are almost finished but all of the teams we three cheer for are, which means that none of us win our yearly Stanley Cup bet-off. This year we decided that the person whose team goes out first will have to go out to a bar in town dressed as the biggest bandwagon fan in sports. We were able to get everything that we needed really cheap from which really helped as we can then spend more at the bar. Here is the outfit out brother has to wear out to the bar this week as a punishment for cheering on Calgary.


New England Patriots T Shirt

Even when the Patriots don’t make the Super Bowl they still have the most bandwagon fans in the NFL. Of course, this year they have more fans than ever thanks to an amazing come

back in the Super Bowl and Tom Brady being suspended for no reason( I am sticking up for him as a Lions fan). This meant we were able to find so much more team gear for our bet but in true brotherly fashion we decided to get some women’s clothes to make it extra funny. There is a great selection of cheap New England Patriots womens apparel at that we picked through until we found the perfect tight fitting top.

 New England Patriots Super Bowl 51

Cleveland Cavaliers Shorts

Okay, so the Cavaliers might not have that many bandwagon fans, but winning your first ever championship can bring a lot of fans to your team until the team starts to fall apart the next season (*cough* Panthers *cough*). The Cavaliers might not have gained as large a percentage of bandwagon fans as the Patriots or Penguins regularly do, but this is a team with Lebron James on it. People were cheering just for him this season, which is why we couldn’t get anything for our brother with James on it. We did however manage to find some Cavaliers basketball shorts on that go great with the tight t-shirt.  

 Cleveland Cavaliers Shorts

Chicago Cubs Hat

Although the Cubs are another team that has long waited for their chance to host the trophy once again, they still gained a lot of fans this year that will be sporting caps from other teams come preseason, and then new caps again in regular season. This was a long deserved championship still (last time the Cubs won was before B.A.S.E jumping was a thing) and the Cubs deserve it, but you don’t deserve to wear their hats just because of that. Of course, this just means that our brother does deserve to wear their hat, this week anyways. We are going to get some socks for him to wear as well just to look even dorkier. Remember kids, this is why you never cheer for the Calgary Flames.

 Chicago Cubs hat