Detroit Lions

Yo, hey guys. How are we all doing?  I’m Isaac, and if you’ve read our first post then you will know that I’m the middle of 3 brothers who all live in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.  We all love sports and fitness, and most weekends you will find us all out of the town either on the water, up the mountains or just hiking the countryside.  

I love participating in group sports, with Rugby being my utmost favourite and I currently play for my university team.  Today I wanted to tell you guys about my favourite American Football team, the Detroit Lions.

The Detroit Lions.

Whats up sports fans, anyone watch the NFL last season? I was glued to my television all year since the Lions made it to the playoffs again! It seems this team is finally turning around (although it has still been 25 years since a postseason win) and I am glad that I get to watch it. My father got me into watching American Football when I was quite young as he liked to watch Barry Sanders juke around the field. Then we got to watch Calvin Johnson make incredible catches all over the field; and they only won a single playoff game between the two of them. I really hope that is changing.

Detroit Lions

For those of you who don’t watch American football, the Detroit Lions are one of the oldest members of the National Football League, joining in 1930. The team was located in Portsmouth Ohio at that time and called the Spartans; even though they were wildly successful they ended up having to move from Portsmouth as the city was just too small. Despite their early success before the AFL-NFL merger, the Lions are currently one out of only four teams to never be in the Super Bowl. Let’s hope that changes some time soon, and we get to see better and better football out of Detroit.