Foul Shatters Marlins Fish Tank

HEY YOU GUYS! Welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. Super excited for all my regular readers to keep returning, and I am equally excited to have some new readers get to enjoy my blog. Today I thought I would talk about something I saw the other day when watching Major League Baseball. It was a game between the Miami Marlins and the Arizona Razorbacks, when J.T. RealMuto hit a foul ball. Nothing out of the ordinary, it happens all the time. Except, this time the foul ball just so happened to collide with a fairly important piece of glass. The ball collided with the protective covering of a fish tank holding the Marlins…well, marlins!

Luckily, the glass did not fully break and the field staff were able to temporarily fix the crack with some duck tape, such a classic fix! What do you all think of this? I think that having the fish tank that close to the field is really just asking for trouble. The fact that this is the first time it has happened is crazy, but I can imagine there have been some other issues with the tank being so close to all the action.

For example, how much unnecessary dust and sand gets put through the filters of that tank? Unless there is someone who’s dedicated job is to take care of the filters and clean the tank, that tank will get dirty and uncomfortable fast. I am actually wondering now, what would the fatality rate be in that tank, and how would it differentiate from the rate for fish not at a major league baseball game. I will have to ponder this more.Leave me your thoughts in the comments section below, I would love to hear them. Peace out everyone.

marlins fish tank